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Not all those who wander are lost, but merely looking for creative inspirations. We learn by exploring and seeing new things. Don't limit yourself by what others might think of you. Be free, be you, just be a good you.



And she said, "me too."


Freedom starts with you. Be strong and stay standing. Free yourself from the negatives and believe in something good. Invest in good things because good things are priceless rewards.     

To view collection please connect with us via instagram. @FlowerInACup


This photo is a reminder of all the brave selfless soldiers out there who keeps us feeling safe inside the comfort of our homes. To protect all of our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and children is a great responsibility. Gratitude is definitely owed. So we say Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts and our homes.


"A Warrior's Smile" 

Please help us give back to our Veterans.

As part of Creative Insights, "Share, Love and Give".. A weekly article will be sent to all  members that entails the story of a soldier. Each story will be added to our warrior-library for all to read at anytime. Each soldier chosen will be invited to lunch and as we record their story, we'll also record their smile. Each soldier will also get a copy of their photos,  their article and hopefully a small feeling of appreciation for such a sacrifice they've made for us. For submissions, donations and sponsorships please contact us anytime at info@flowerinacup.comThank you. 

Submissions only applies to Veterans who live in Tucson, Az and Las Vegas, NV  [For Now]


A flower filled with thorns. Beautiful but painful to touch. An adaptation due to harsh living conditions in the desert. 


Showcasing the beauty of desert people

To view collection please connect with us via instagram. @FlowerInACup

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